Barbeques Galore Revenue Increases by +410%


increase in organic traffic


increase in overall traffic


increase in revenue


increase in organic revenue


Barbeques Galore is the nation’s largest specialty retailer of grills and outdoor living products, established in the U.S. in 1980. They have retail stores concentrated throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas, where the sun shines often and outdoor living is a year-round indulgence.


Ontario, California

The Challenge

The Barbecues Galore website had a low conversion rate due to technical, usability and value communication issues. For example, when a product was added in different product categories the URL slug of the product itself would change. This presented us with issues we needed to address immediately, as a product that constantly changes in URL is not SEO friendly and would present with unwanted 301 redirects and in some cases 404s.

We needed to address technical issues, and also communicating value of the product to the customer. The product listing pages would have very few pictures and did not prominently feature reviews.

The Solution

Strategy Interactive helped the Barbeques Galore team identify the opportunity in user experience, content, technical SEO, and local SEO.

User Experience

We suggested the Barbeques Galore team to invest in adding additional photos to the product listing and reach out to previous customers from both the online and brick-and-mortar locations to request a product review. This with a new redesign helped boost up conversions over 300%.

Technical SEO

Barbeques Galore had a lot of technical issues from constant URL changes, over-optimized URLs, to a slow server. (the server would break down whenever someone would do a Screaming Frog crawl..yikes!). By fixing those technical issues first, we were able to create a strong foundation to build upon.

The chart below shows Barbeques Galore’s traffic increases from a new website focused on user experience and technical SEO:

The Results

Since starting to work with Strategy interactive in November 2019, Barbeques Galore has increased traffic by 89.55%.

Our team is able to stay agile in the market by tracking SEO data and making adjustments to their strategy in real time.

The screenshot below shows the conversion increases for Barbeques Galore + Strategy Interactive:

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