Our SEO Services Gave a 1,108% ROI for Elaine Lou​


increase in organic traffic


increase in overall traffic


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increase in organic revenue


Elaine’s real passion is helping high level performers find their strengths and gifts within themselves, and guide them to learn how to showcase and create systems to make a true legacy during this lifetime. Her clients create a legacy they truly desire and understand that it is a choice.


Los Angeles, California

The Challenge

The client wanted to rank higher on Google and get more traffic to get more leads. 

The Solution

For Elaine Lou, Strategy Interactive rolled out a comprehensive link building strategy that included building, which primarily help boost domain authority (DA), and contextual links, which we used to increase traffic to specific, high-priority pages on the website.

The combined approach proved to be very fruitful for the domain and target pages. In just two months, we noticed a ~124% increase in organic traffic and a 28% increase in organic keywords.

A diverse and strong backlink profile, coupled with an on-page strategy Elaine Lou executed in-house, helped the website reach its true potential in only a few short months.

The Results

We got Elaine Ranking for These Keywords in Los Angeles

Targeted KeywordGoogle Rank 2021
business coaching2
career coach9
career coaching services1
leadership coach5
executive business coach2
business consultant near me1
mastermind business coaching3
private business coaching3
career coaching3
leadership coaching4
legacy mastermind8
executive coach3
executive coaching services1

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