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U.S. Dermatology Partners combines the personal level of care found in private dermatology practices with the benefits of a network of physicians working closely together. As the second-largest physician-owned dermatology practice in the United States, they have more than 94 locations.


Dallas, TX

The Challenge

U.S Dermatology Partners had been looking for a long-term partner to help them with their search marketing efforts. Other companies they had worked with either weren’t responsive or simply didn’t get results. Contacting us was their first step toward achieving their long-term marketing goals.

The Solution

In order to help U.S Dermatology Partners drive more leads from organic search, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that involved revamping existing pages and creating long-form guides for new pages.

For a company like U.S Dermatology Partners, which services several specific areas spread across the entire U.S., location is everything. That’s why a large part of our content strategy centered around improving existing service pages for the specific areas that U.S Dermatology Partners operates. We also identified service pages that were not location-specific that were already driving leads, and improved those, too.

The Results

Since starting to work with Strategy interactive in September 2020, U.S Dermatology Partners has increased traffic by 120%.

Our team is able to stay agile in the market by tracking SEO data and making adjustments to their strategy in real time.

All Time High Organic Keyword Rankings

220,000+ New Visitors Driving Traffic/Leads to the Website

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