Trailer Valet Conversion Increases by +333%


increase in organic traffic


increase in overall traffic


increase in conversion


increase in organic conversions


Trailer Valet’s products take fishermen, campers, overlanders, ATVers, and the cross-country RVer’s frustrations and make it their goal to find new, innovative solutions. They are committed to helping you get the most out of our products and maximize your time outdoors.


City of Industry, California

The Challenge

Trailer Valet had no strategy set in place in order to get more traffic or conversions. They had a lot of technical errors that were hurting their website, no content strategy, and were facing a challenge where other websites would pose as them in order to get sales.  

By investing in their organic marketing strategy, Trailer Valet could drive new revenue through ranking in new targeted keywords, answer questions from potential and existing customers, and improve their reviews across all platforms.

The Solution

Strategy Interactive helped the Trailer Valet team identify that their was a lack of content. Through keyword research, we were able to create content briefs in which we could perform well in the short term.

Content Strategy

As we helped the Trailer Valet team optimize their content to reflect customer needs, they also examined their website and evaluated their calls to action by considering what people were really looking for when visiting their site.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The Trailer Valet team had wanted to launch new landing page initiative for a detailed view on their flagship products. By improving the user experience along with creating FAQ, videos, and helpful content we were able to see a big increase in traffic.

The chart below shows Trailer Valet’s traffic increases from a new website focused on user experience:

The Results

Since starting to work with Strategy interactive in January 2020, Trailer Valet has increased traffic by 104%.

Our team is able to stay agile in the market by tracking SEO data and making adjustments to their strategy in real time.

The screenshot below shows the conversion increases for Trailer Valet + Strategy Interactive:

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